2016 – A Difficult Year For The Capital Market

The investment year of 2016 has left a negative impact on the investors of the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), just like 2008. Nigeria’s stock market went through a gigantic setback when the USD/NGN exchange rate skyrocketed last summer, leading to a 1 trillion NGN drop in market capitalisation. As many marketing analysts suggest, 2016 was a long year of desperation in almost every sector of the economy, caused by the recession. If you trade Forex, you should definitely keep reading this text.



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A Beginner’s Guide To Forex Trading In Nigeria

Despite Forex trading has been very popular in Nigeria, many traders still don’t have the needed knowledge to make serious amount of money. We at Eagle Global Markets will provide you not only with the opportunity to trade in naira, but also make an effort to teach you all basics (…and secrets) to trade Forex like a pro!




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Trade In Naira: How Domesticated Financial Markets Work




Finally, there is a Nigerian trading platform that enables traders to trade in naira. EGM has done the process of domestication very thorough and very well. There are many benefits of trading in the local currency, one is the elimination of the currency exchange risk. By trading in naira you can focus on other things essential for successful trading. Continue reading “Trade In Naira: How Domesticated Financial Markets Work”

Trading In Naira

trade in naira
One of the main EGM visions is to be a Nigerian company run for the Nigerian people. But, that is not the only reason we enable our users to trade in naira, the advantages are huge.
One thing engaging in currency swaps always lead up to is insane flexibility, as most companies can take good use of the advantage the have in the markets they’re in. When more complicated scenarios occur, changing currencies also allows companies to simply go across a matrix of currencies and short-term maturities, and then, those currency swaps can be used by managers to limit how exposed they are to interest rate risk, as well as reduce market risk in other international exchange markets.

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8 Tips For Successful Online Trading

As far as trading stocks through the Internet, the key thing is not about how hard you work on it, but actually about knowing precisely what you’re going to do, and making that knowledge work.
We’ve performed some research on successful traders, so here are eight simple rules that will make you a successful online trader!

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